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Block 3 and 4 Elevations


  • All Residents of the Ó Cualann Poppintree cooperative development.
  • Ó Cualann Cohousing Alliance as the Cooperative structure and developer.
  • Dublin City Council.
  • Assumptions

  • That a residents’ association will be established when houses are occupied and that all residents will become active members of the residents’ association and sign the common charter. A representative caretaker committee will be set up in the interim during the construction phase.
  • That all residents of will be of good character.
  • That all residents will use ‘common sense’ in their dealings with each other.
  • That all residents will treat each other, our families and visitors with respect.
  • That residents will be security conscious and will use active & passive surveillance methods to keep our community secure, whilst, at the same time, being conscious of the nuisance that can be caused by sensitive house & car alarms.
  • That DCC will develop the open space to the East of our site for recreational use.
  • That Ó Cualann will continue to facilitate community development before and after occupation of the homes.
  • That a constructive relationship will be established with the community Gardaí in the locality.
  • That dog owners will be responsible for their dogs and will clean up any fouling by their dogs in public areas.
  • Rights and responsibilities


  • Right to Safety and Security.
 All residents have a right to live in a safe and secure environment.
  • Right to Privacy. 
All residents have the right to have their privacy respected by their neighbours.
  • Each household has right to a designated parking space.
  • Right to fair procedure in the selection and allocation of houses.
  • Responsibilities

  • All residents will ensure that they and their visitors will observe traffic regulations especially with regard to speed and parking.
  • We will give priority to pedestrians and cyclists ahead of cars on the roads in our community. In effect this means that cars must always give way to pedestrians, cyclists and children on the roads in our community.
  • Cars must, of course be permitted to use the roads but only in a safe manner that recognises the priority given to pedestrians.

  • All residents will actively keep their gardens, and the public paths and grass verges in the community in a clean and tidy condition.
  • That all adult members of the community will be aware of their own personal behaviour in order give good example to the children in the community.
  • Whilst recognising that children & teenagers will misbehave from time to time, anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in our community.
  • All residents will respect the privacy of their neighbours and in particular will respect a family’s right to privacy.
 Whilst recognising the importance of community we also recognise the right of individuals and families to retreat to the privacy and comfort of their own homes.
  • All residents will respect the designated parking spaces in front of the houses which do not have a driveway and will request their visitors not to park in these designated spaces. Designated Parking spaces will be marked with house numbers and visitor spaces with a ‘V’.
  • All prospective purchasers will abide by the eligibility criteria and the general procedures below for the allocation of the houses.
  • Whilst previous members of CTSL and Parkside have first preference in the choice of the houses, this preference must be exercised by Tue 31st MAY 2016 when a general meeting will be held for prospective purchasers to choose their preferred houses. This is necessary to ensure other purchasers cannot be displaced once a house has been allocated.

    To confirm that a house has been chosen and allocated, each purchaser will be required to pay a booking deposit of €2,000. (The booking deposit is non-refundable, subject only to full planning permission being received.) Once this booking deposit has been accepted by Ó Cualann the house is deemed to be allocated and the purchasers will become members of Ó Cualann and their names will be added to the register of members. This membership confers voting rights at the AGM.

    An independent, 3 person house allocation committee will be established to arbitrate in the event of any disputes with regard to house choice/allocation and all prospective purchasers agree to be bound by the decision of the committee.

    The house allocation committee will comprise Jon Butterly (Chair) and two professional people from the voluntary housing sector.